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From one rooftop in southwest Bakersfield you can see twenty one of our solar installations. What that means is that those who know us choose us over the competitors.  Why? We do it right, from sale to installation to long term service.  

David Mitchell here, founder and President of MSI. I thought I'd tell you a little about us. We were established in 2009 and have two division: residential solar and residential/commercial security & surveillance. We are located in Bakersfield, CA and service Kern County. What differentiates us is that we only use our in house trained and certified technicians/crew, unlike many of our competitors that sub the work to the lowest bidder.  This allows us to maintain the highest quality installation and is why we have the longest warranties in the industry.  If you're looking for either a solar or security service give us a call. I think you'll notice the difference and see why so many home/business owners in Bakersfield are choosing MSI.
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